The electric heater is used to save electricity and safety.
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Electric heaters play a lot of roles in life, and the range of use is also very wide and varied. Different types of electric heaters work differently, and the materials used are also different, so the heating effect is different during use. Then, the next small series introduces the electric heater to save electricity and safety.
1, read the instructions carefully
Many people buy the electric heater and use it directly without looking at the manual. I feel that the electric heater is very simple to use. In fact, the instructions for use of the product and the precautions for safe use are very necessary.
2, carefully check before use
Before use, carefully check the plugs, wires and other cables to see if there are any problems such as leakage or weak connection. If it is better, do not use it to avoid leakage and cause unnecessary damage.
3, the correct switch
Good quality switches are insulated with protective cover, which can prevent the risk of electric leakage. Therefore, after the power is plugged in, it is best to open the minimum gear to make the machine fully warm. In addition, when not in use, be sure to turn off the switch and pull the power supply to reduce the hazard.
4, independent socket
Since the power consumption of the electric heater is relatively large, do not use it with a high-power electric appliance. It is best to use an independent switch to avoid the body being overheated and the electric wire is burnt and dangerous.
5, do not cover the item
When the electric heater is working, the temperature of the body is high, and the above items should not be covered, such as clothes or quilts. I am afraid that the temperature will be too high, the clothes will burn, and a fire will occur.
6, carefully placed
Keep the heater away from combustible items and open flames. It is best not to use it in the bathroom to avoid leakage.
7, power saving tips
The temperature should not be too high, it is best to keep the temperature before 18-20 °C, do not switch frequently, so the electric heater is the most expensive!
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