Does the electric heater have radiation?
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I believe everyone knows that our lives are threatened now, so we will be particularly worried when we choose to use our products. Especially, some electrical products are afraid of its radiation problems, which will affect people's health. The following small series will tell you about the radiation of the electric heater and what kind of heater is the most energy-saving.
Does the electric heater have radiation?
In fact, when it comes to the problem that electric heaters have radiation, this problem can be said that everyone is very concerned about one, so here is to tell everyone that electric heaters are radiated when they are used, but everyone needs to pay attention here. It is necessary to know that the electrical appliance does not cause harm to the human body during use. When you hear that the electrical appliance has radiation, it will be more horrible, but in life many radiations are not harmful to our body. In fact, we must know that radiation like electrical appliances is also classified as harmful and harmless. For example, radiation like electric heaters is electromagnetic radiation. Generally, you can observe this product when purchasing electric heaters. The electromagnetic frequency value, usually the electric heater has an electromagnetic frequency of only 50 Hz. Generally speaking, like this value, we can know that the radiation of the electric heater is not a threat to us, so it is said that in this range You can use it with confidence.
What kind of heater is the most energy efficient
1. First of all, we must know that this kind of heater will have a relatively large heat dissipation area. This way, it is more efficient to use energy, and it is also more effective in reducing waste.
2, the current electrical appliances are equipped with energy consumption levels, so it is better to consider the kind of low-heating radiators when comparing.
3, choose oil Ting is also called oil-filled heater. First of all, this heater is similar in appearance to the radiator, but it knows that the working principle of this product is still quite different. The oil heater is also heated by baking, mainly by heating the blade to make the room temperature. Raise. There are 7 kinds of oil fins, 9 pieces, 10 pieces, 12 pieces, etc. Generally speaking, its power is mostly between 1500 watts and 2000 watts. And there is a more obvious advantage that there is no noise in safety, although the warm-up is a bit slow, but the room will make it cold immediately after closing.
Summary: Regarding the radiation of electric heaters and what kind of heaters are the most energy-saving related content, I know that most electrical products have some radiation, but we must know that there is also a difference between them. Harmful and harmless, so be sure to look at its value when choosing, and then buy it.
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