What is the price of electric heater?
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In the cold winter, every household uses electric heating. It is a particularly convenient and convenient heating equipment. However, with the improvement of environmental awareness, electric heaters have become the best choice for everyone, but The electric heater is not expensive? The following small series will introduce what the price of the electric heater is and what advantages the electric heater has.
First, what is the price of the electric heater?
The average electric heater price is about 100 yuan to 500 yuan, the average price is about 250 yuan, usually according to the product model is different, the price will also be different, advocate consumers can first go to the store to sell Personnel, according to the actual situation of everyone to help make a referral, determine which model to come back to talk about the price.
Second, what are the advantages of electric heaters?
1. Comfort: When the electric heater is started, it heats up very fast. It can set the temperature within a short time, so that the electric heater is not affected, and there is no interference of dust and noise.
2, practicality: This kind of electric heater is very practical, it is the use of carbon fiber heating element to implement heat, this kind of fiber heating body will save more than 35 percent more energy than the average blonde hot wire, so it will be used It saves power and saves time, and it will last longer.
3. High work efficiency: The heat exchange rate of the electric heater is very high. When the electric heat is replaced during use, the generated infrared rays can further improve the heat exchange rate of the environment, and the infrared rays can form a health care for the human body. effect.
4. High safety index: The electric heater has very good safety function, and it is particularly reliable to use. At the same time, it also has the inspection report of the quality supervision of the relevant departments, and also has the “3C” certification.
Third, what are the precautions for using electric heaters?
1. It is necessary to use a socket that meets the standard, and use a qualified three-hole socket with grounding. After use, be sure to turn off the power.
2, must be isolated from flammable materials, at the same time placed in a position that people are not easy to hit, and to isolate the water source.
3. During use, it is important to pay attention to the moisturizing work in the house to prevent the electric heater from scalding the skin.
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